A quick apology for the past two (gasp!) years of neglect to this page on my website! I am finally getting comfortable with this website and no longer need to run for help to make an update. I will be chipping away and revamping it and making it relevant and current once more. Business has been good and busy this past year. 

I was interviewed for two print magazines ( issue 8) ( May 2015 issue) and one online Rochester based Art Magazines premiere issue 
(   for which I am very grateful and very humbled. I also expanded my love of spoon carving into a more active branch of my business, launching my online store devoted to my spoons this past winter. You can visit it at 

I bought my first home this past year, making my choice based solely on the beautiful three bay two story garage in back...and am working on creating the first shop that will truly be all my own.
I recently returned from another fantastic show at the Adirondack Museum and am prepping for a new (to me) show this fall in Trenton Falls NY. More info on all that to come!

Adirondack Rustic Furniture Fair 2013

This past September I was privileged to show my furniture at the Adirondack Museum during the 26th annual rustic furniture fair. As a newcomer I was honored to have the opportunity to meet such skilled makers and become a part of this wonderful tradition. Although my pieces are not crafted in the Adirondack specific style, it's the history of these mountains that has inspired me to build for life, from the life in which one finds himself.